Saturday, March 8, 2008


I am `The Worst Blogger' in the world!
Just so very busy, but I simply had to post.
Look what I received from the so very talented Michelle at Fairy* Dust *Dreams in California.
I have been house minding at Rachael's as THEY (the family) were in Fiji sunning and relaxing, One morning when I dashed home to feed my cats -this box on my doorstep!!
Oh my goodness, the box of goodies for our Mermaid and Seaside swap -this is too exciting !
This special hand written card with a special message
Where do I start? there are so many packages, all wrapped in tissue paper and tied with pretty wools.This is incredible, and so very different - the Northern Hemisphere girls are amazing.
I was so lucky to have been matched to Michelle - come with me and look at the contents of this....
A book/box filled with wondrous goodies, just look at the mermaid comb, the dear little shells, gorgeous fine glitter, a bracelet, and a jar of buttons and beads.

A fantastic altered journal with a very sultry mermaid and the pen is covered in beads .
NOW!!! yes my very own ` crown,' and Michelle asked me to photograph myself, as believe it or not, there is a battery behind which FLASHES --oh this is too much !!!
It is hard to catch the flashing crown, but trust me, it does. This has been embellished with shells and JEWELS!
This is the ingenious comb - a kitchen fork , heavily embellished. and just the thing for any self -respecting mermaid
And pretty, pretty beaded CORAL, and just look at my new BLING,
This wire basket was filled to the brim with fabrics, threads, ribbons etc, a treasure trove of delights.I seemed to have missed a few other bits, a gorgeous jar with a T light, lovely seaside photos on cards.Did you spot the dear wee mermaid dolly, and the cup cake pics? Dear, dear Michelle, thank you, thank you, this has been such fun, and I feel so incredibly lucky to have been your partner, I am sure this very generous box of treasures is a true reflection of your talents and work.