Thursday, November 29, 2007


I simply have to get Broadband, Dial Up is taking forever to load, , and to view other Blogs is so slow and frustrating!
But, I have been very busy, still crafting etc for The Rose Room's Christmas Day this Saturday.
The three boxes are all made from Vintage linens, that I cunningly sourced from Rachael's stash!
Raised eyebrows is the only reaction I got when I showed Rachael what I had made with her precious fabrics and laces -- but all for for a good cause was my justification
A covered heart box with recycled laces, vintage linen and silver Christmas trim.
I know -this one is `over the top!'

This one is pretty, the cluster of flowers on the lid is made from crochet pieces that I cut and armed with my hot glue gun, I ruffled and gathered them .
Indirectly this really has nothing to do with craft, but I had spent the afternoon in my garage painting, and when I went out to photograph the pieces later - I felt two pair of eyes following me, my inseparable Tabby cats. The flash has caught their eyes!
This is what I was painting for Rachael's shop -work in progress!
I have also made for The Rose Room's Christmas day these little Cointreau and Cardamon mini cakes -it took longer to fashion the embellishments etc than to make the actual cakes
Very easy to make, and they are baked in small, clean spaghetti tins which I use every year
Finally.... this is fabulous, I also up-lifted this from R's garage, tossed in a corner, covered in dust , some of the cane had unwound, so with hammer, tacks and a can of Royal Blue paint -YEHHHHHHH - more raised eyebrows!!, but doesn't it look wonderful?

Monday, November 26, 2007


Yes I am, in amongst the chaos of moving, surrounded by boxes and general shambles and trying to get into the Christmas spirit, I have been steadily crafting for Rachael's Christmas Special Day at her The Rose Room this coming Saturday.
Having never made Tussy Mussies before, here are my first two efforts -`Totally over the top' I hear you say , and that is possibly true, but when I found all my Xmasy craft things, I
felt that this would be a great way to cull, and yet have something to show for it.
So armed with my Hot Glue Gun and very little stitching, I thought I would share my efforts with you
I had a lot of varying sizes and shapes of boxes. ( I love boxes), I started to cover and embellish them - they also look good on the inside -this one worked out so well !
These little numbers are Sooooooooooo cute, I removed all the tin foil off a roll and cut them into rounds, made bases, lids etc and stitched a small hinge

My green models, there is such fabulous selection of fabrics - what is a girl to do? but go purchase some more
I shouldn't have... but both the green boxes are made with new fabric -couldn't resist!!
The advantage of living close to my daughter, is that I am able to raid her torn , vintage linens, so next post will be a showing of the covered boxes made with vintage linens and laces that I have used

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Yes, moving day finally arrived, and while my daughter Rachael over at Rose Room was primping and preening for Natasha's prom, I was unpacking and trying to fit the contents of a very large Town House in Nelson, into a very small Apartment in Auckland.
Plus relocate my two beloved cats!!!
Anyway...................... the very large truck arrived carrying my belongings, I haven't seen them since early August -it felt like Xmas -well sort of.
Where to start????
Above photo is the upstairs bathroom, those huge cartons contained towels and general bathroom goodies, my next post will show just how pretty and girly I now have it
The kitchen and lounge!!!

Another shot of the lounge.
Order has been restored finally, I have even dug up some gardens, new top soil, and presto I now have herbs and lettuces planted.
Never again, this has been a huge move, but I love my little house and am already planning a few changes
More next time, and perhaps a photo of my cats, Martha the naughty girl cat has already caught her first bird, from being a beautiful loving domestic cat, she does have tendencies of a serial killer!