Saturday, September 22, 2007


Well, it has been a week since Rachael's shop opened and I really have to wonder what I have done all week.

With Rachael at the shop, I have caught up on Housework -boring you might say, but I actually enjoy it.

On the craft scene we have been busy making out Paper Doll swaps, they seem to get bigger and better, but they are now all ready to post, one tends to get carried away with embellishments, and we now have Rachael's husband `Babes' taking an interest in what we are producing - he is now using the word `embellishment,:):) we think he likes the word.

This is a very bad photo of me, but I am making my own felt from Merino wool slivers, to be used for my Xmas swap project, time is marching on, but I have made four, only eight to go!!!!!

In amongst all of this activity I am house hunting, although the family don't seem to mind me living with them, I do feel I should be pro-active in searching for something suitable, a small apartment would be good, but I feel I need to have extra space for all of my craft and needlework, I have a little here with me, but somewhere in the depths of a storage container there are many boxes and bins of absolute essentials!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Yes, opening day is fast approaching, and for those of you who visit The Rose Room, you will know that the Grand Opening is this Saturday - mmmmm ??? will we do it?
Yes, girls can so anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachael made this stylish banner around midnight last night and hung it today-I sneaked outside for a quick photo, so you can have a wee peek!
Melanie on left and her lovely daughter Kate, Rachael on right.

I just thought you would like to see Rachael's shelving , Melanie and she have started unpacking the china
Rachael and Melanie surveying the stock (shambles) with a mandatory glass for stamina and well being

That is me, and please note that I appear to be the only one still in my `painting clothes' we have worn our `work clothes' for three weeks solid.
Rachael and I `toasting' -The Rose Room' looks totally amazing and I have been so lucky and proud to have been part of this, it has been hard work, but lots of fun, and we all have such a good feeling about the success of Rachael's shop.
The very best part is that I will get to wear some of my more stylish clothes and the garage may soon be able to house at least one car, as the contents from the previous shop were stored in there.
Roll on 15th Sept:!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007


This winter I had fun making these hats, so simple to knit, but the best part was you actually felted them in the washing machine after the hat was complete.
The first one I did for myself, and very nervously I ran the hot water into the machine with a pair of jeans (that is what the instructions said)
I kept lifting the lid in fear and trepidation to check progress, and to my astonishment the result was fantastic,.......... from a very large knitted hat.....................
.......... to this!! I felted an extra piece, and fashioned a flower to attach to the brim.
I was so pleased with my first effort, I made one for a very dear friend's birthday

This time I was lucky enough to find a silk rose, which complimented the lovely mauve/pink hues perfectly.
They are so, so warm and snug for our cold New Zealand winters, and I just love wearing mine.
Isn't blogging such a great medium for sharing ?

Friday, September 7, 2007

This is so cute. When Rachael and I were travelling from Wellington to Auckland, we stopped off at a beautiful place called Lake Taupo -Rachael of course went to the first op-shop we found there, but I came across this gorgeous cushion and couldn't resist it
It just so happens that I have a baby grand-daughter in Cairns -Australia
Georgia is only 4 months old, and her Mummy has painted her bedroom a lovely lilac shade.
The sheeps legs actually move! -just so, so cute!

The parcel has arrived, and Baby Georgia's Mummy and Daddy were delighted, it matched perfectly.
It is a so New Zealand gift to send, and I like to send a `Kiwi' parcel, in the hope that they may come here to live -my lovely daughter-in-law is an Australian girl and Phillip has been in Australia for years.
I am now off to Rachael's shop to sand and paint furniture

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I do need to share with you, my cats. They are nearly two years old, and just the ordinary variety - tabby models.
They are not siblings , we got Hamish first, but felt he needed a playmate, so off to the SPCA and chose a female about the same age -this was on our Vet's advice.
If cat's could talk !! Hamish's face was one of pure delight -he instantly `Fell In Love' she was a little slower to reciprocate, but it has been ` A Marriage Made In Heaven' -they are inseparable, hardly ever apart, much ear washing and grooming of each other.
This brings me to why I am telling you about my beloved cats -for the last year I have become (amongst other things) addicted to wet felting, and have made many items, but like everything, you end up with the bits left over
I have been felting this afternoon, getting pieces ready for my Xmas swap project
I used the crazy patchwork method and hand crafted their personal duvet, the result has been received with much enthusiasm, and Martha has recently had a stint at Vet Hospital, so the duvet went with her.
Many comments especially from members of the Emboridery Guild that I belonged to, there are many envious cats, whom I am sure would love their own pure merino duvet to sleep on.
Thank you to all who have viewed my blog, I can see that it could be addictive, as women the world over have much to share.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I have been busy as you can see - this is my very first posting, and I am keen to see if I can actually do this on my own as Rachael is still in bed asleep.

I am making these dolls for Rachael's shop, she has bins of lovely old vintage laces and doilies, and I have been allowed to fossick, but she watches me very closely to make sure that I don't take her `good pieces'

They have been fun to do, and of course the idea came from the swap dolls, and although I hate using glue, (I prefer to stitch), the end result has been spectacular -have thoroughly enjoyed making them.

If this is a sample of what my Retirement means -then I see fun times ahead.

Today is wet, and I am going north to a place called Orewa, this will be the first time that I have driven in Auckland traffic, am a little nervous, as Nelson where I previously lived has about two lanes only and very moderate traffic compared to Auckland.

I can only get lost, annoy other motorists as I creep along, the mobile is charged, something that I am hopeless at, and the big thing will be to remember to actually take it!! :):)