Saturday, March 8, 2008


I am `The Worst Blogger' in the world!
Just so very busy, but I simply had to post.
Look what I received from the so very talented Michelle at Fairy* Dust *Dreams in California.
I have been house minding at Rachael's as THEY (the family) were in Fiji sunning and relaxing, One morning when I dashed home to feed my cats -this box on my doorstep!!
Oh my goodness, the box of goodies for our Mermaid and Seaside swap -this is too exciting !
This special hand written card with a special message
Where do I start? there are so many packages, all wrapped in tissue paper and tied with pretty wools.This is incredible, and so very different - the Northern Hemisphere girls are amazing.
I was so lucky to have been matched to Michelle - come with me and look at the contents of this....
A book/box filled with wondrous goodies, just look at the mermaid comb, the dear little shells, gorgeous fine glitter, a bracelet, and a jar of buttons and beads.

A fantastic altered journal with a very sultry mermaid and the pen is covered in beads .
NOW!!! yes my very own ` crown,' and Michelle asked me to photograph myself, as believe it or not, there is a battery behind which FLASHES --oh this is too much !!!
It is hard to catch the flashing crown, but trust me, it does. This has been embellished with shells and JEWELS!
This is the ingenious comb - a kitchen fork , heavily embellished. and just the thing for any self -respecting mermaid
And pretty, pretty beaded CORAL, and just look at my new BLING,
This wire basket was filled to the brim with fabrics, threads, ribbons etc, a treasure trove of delights.I seemed to have missed a few other bits, a gorgeous jar with a T light, lovely seaside photos on cards.Did you spot the dear wee mermaid dolly, and the cup cake pics? Dear, dear Michelle, thank you, thank you, this has been such fun, and I feel so incredibly lucky to have been your partner, I am sure this very generous box of treasures is a true reflection of your talents and work.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Yes I am finally back, and how bad is this?
I simply couldn't get my act together, like applying for jobs, submitting endless resumes, cover letters and simply trying to maintain being well groomed, smart, intelligent and articulate!!!!
For those of you that don't have Broadband, you will also understand that every post, takes ten + miniutes, and to visit other Bloggers has been equally frustating, BUT...... as my dear Mother would have said to me `Patience is a Virtue' as I have scored myself a Dream Job, that also pays for my Broadband connection
To upload the photos for this Blog post took exactly 1min -in the past it would have been about 10!!!
So, what have I been doing in the last month? , interviews of course, but I have also been assembling my swap, Mermaid and Seaside -hosted by Dear Michelle at Hold Dear, it has kept me sane , and certainly has taken my mind off seeking employment and all the related stresses.
Interesting, as I actually thought I was going to retire, but the reality was, that I simply could not sustain my rather lavish lifestyle, so only one thing to do GIRLS, and that was get a job.
This is what I finally sent to Michelle in California, and I have to say I was totally inspired , maybe has something to do with that fact that New Zealand is mostly Coastal, so plenty of ideas.
I felted this with Merino woool and made a small and heavily embellished bag in a seaside theme.
The box has been covered and altered with a New Zealand Paua fabric, and I stitched the mermaid in calico, and attached her to the box lid, I also uttered many oathes in the process, as soon as I had cut her shape , I knew I could have done it far more easily -oh well -next time.
The Princess (my grand -daugher) thinks that it is her hair, but I cunningly snipped some off a DOLL
You may ask -what are these balloons, but on Wednesday, we celebrated a Public Holiday called Waitangi Day, it just so happened to be the day I have designated as my FUR CHILDREN'S Birthday, so I put on a family lunch,, and this may surprise you, but they actually received gifts, like cat biscuits etc
Shattered after their Birthday celebration!!!
It is good to be back, I have missed all the comings and goings of my dear Blog friends, but I am now organised, and my new job is panning out so well, worth every dollar!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I am sitting here watching T.V. as the many tributes flow in from all over the World, following the death of our beloved and respected Sir Edmond Hilary.
An Ambassador for our country and such a statesman, he will not only be remembered for Mt Everest, but for what he did for the People of Nepal.
My ex; actually tramped there 8 yrs ago, and he too was caught up in the beauty and humility of the Nepalese people , a country that needs (like so many) our help and resources.
I still correspond with `Guide Nim' who always starts his emails with Namaste -such a beautiful word
This is not what I started off to tell you, but January must be the month for dramas, as I woke two days ago to find my beloved Martha ill, and dribbling.
Quick call to Uncle Leon (Our new Auckland Vet)
She had horrific mouth ulcers , plus some WAR WOUNDS!!!
Of course all of this meant a night in Hospital on what Uncle Leon called `SUPPORT", plus $$$$$
Not a happy girl, but she is home, having created mayhem in Hospital, trashed her cage, tipped over her water, and generally performed I was told.
Her husband Hamish (not to be outdone) also needed to be photographed, he hates it when his `missus' is not here, as he loves her dearly, and the reunion is something else again, much ear washing and grooming of each other before they retire entwined, legs, arms, tails around each other.
In amongst the chaos, I am being interviewed for jobs, ( secretly I don't want to work", but the reality is I need to, mainly to sustain my rather lavish life style, so.... I have thrown myself into the job market with astonishing results, firms, etc are actually impressed, but the hassle....
I now have, is my `interview' uniform, the pressure is on to look immaculate, impressive, well groomed, and above all confident - I am shattered, as I would much rather be in casual, and here I am teetering into interviews , made up to the max, not a hair out of place, legs shaved! heels that are killing me, trying to look slim and trim , that I haven't put on weight and that any prospective employer would be foolish to overlook me.
Watch This Space

Friday, January 4, 2008


It is the small things in life, that sometimes can give such simple pleasure.
My little garden that I have grown is just that.
The last two days have been a time of reflections and milestones, on what I have achieved since this time last year.
You see, my Mother passed away and my marriage of 30years collapsed all in the one day last January.
2007 is one year that my family and I are glad to see over -new beginnings for 2008.
If I think about it, it is hard to believe that so much happened, not only the events of January, but I was the victim of Internet Banking Fraud, my beloved Martha was hit by a car and fractured her hip, my ex; also fell and broke his shoulder, and so it went on.
I sold a house, packed and moved to Auckland from Nelson, so did my ex; although he is residing an hour away from me.
I had lunch with him today, and possibly that has prompted my pensive mood, but we are friends -(mostly), despite everything, and that has to be good.
I thought about it all whilst driving home to my little sanctuary, and felt almost lighthearted, and a sense of huge relief, that we have been able to move on and remain reasonably civilised in the process
I pottered in my garden with a glass of wine, and as they say `I had the time' to not only `Smell The Roses' but to actually enjoy it
I am going to remove this scoria in the Autumn and put in some shrubs, but the pots have been an `instant garden'
Look at my lettuces!!
Look closely, and you can see the huge truss of cherry tomatoes (not yet ripe), the tomato vine is laden! I count every day when I am chatting to them.:):)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I have been so looking forward to hanging up my new 2008 Calender
Just look at the artist!
Yes, indeed -it really is a self portrait of Stella (The Princess)
How special is that?
I simply had to order one
It came complete with little stickers to put on important dates, but I thought Stella can help Nana with that task.
The family have gone to The Beach for nearly a week, so I am busy, popping over and feeding their cat and watering their gardens, but today I decided that this would be a good time to make my list of objectives and projects for the year.
Number 1 on my list was....................
Do you remember this? I have previously posted the saga of my old , but oh so comfortable computer chair!
YeeeeeeeeH -yes, yes, many tools and the heavy duty staple gun, I am so pleased with the effort.
I have been idling away a few hours today at various Blog sites, and for so many, January seems to be the month of lazing, reading and a general wind down, although I am very tempted to begin Project 2, and that is to sort and cull the many photograph albums that one collects over the years.