Thursday, December 27, 2007


Yes, it is over, such a feeling of overwhelming happiness and a huge thank you to all those very talented and crafty women who participated in Group 3
Friends and family ask -`so what did you like best' I can honestly say that each and every gift was so different, that I don't have a `favourite' -every single gift will be cherished and in the case of the Christmas decoration gifts, they will be brought out each year with special memories of their origins.
Day 11, and even the cats knew the ritual, no breakfast until Mummy had opened her gift.

Just look at the package - a lovely box, embellished with a gorgeous decoration and tag from Angela Hoffmann

She is just too lovely - a handcrafted angel, complete with wings and her own dress and pretty button -her hair is amazing - Thank you Angela - I love her!
Day 12 and Christmas Day -look!!! and what can be inside -the tag says `handle with care'
Can you read the label? I have already had a look at Patrice's web site and feel I may have to place a SMALL order
AND......... this is what was inside, totally beautiful, a fragrant wax Christmas Angel - Rachael and I have never seen or heard of this craft before, so for those of you that haven't -go have a look at
Until I post again, I wish each and every `blogger' a very Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Yes -it really is nearly over, but what fun it has been.
I have to show you this, as I mentioned before -I have had Stella (The Princess) to visit me, and we do lots of Nana things together -yesterday we finished the gifts that I have helped her make for special people in her life - but I did wonder why my box of tissues had suddenly been reduced!
I just happened to be tidying up around under the Christmas tree, and obviously `The Family' were in need of a rest, as Mary and Joseph have some very nice new bed linen, even pillow cases, and Baby Jesus isn't quite in his manger, but is nicely tucked up with a cut up tissue paper pillow case and sheet - this is such a special time seeing little girl of 4, carefully putting `The family' to bed. -her very own interpretation of Christmas fuzzy stuff!Day 8 arrived, ( I am going to miss this early morning ritual), and a very nicely packaged bag, and beautiful tag from Vivan at vivs-whimsey.
I have recycled the wood shavings in a gift basket for my daughter-in-law (thank you)

Oh -this is gorgeous, a lovely Christmas ornament for my tree, all sparkly and glittery with `Glisten' inscribed on the front -he is just so cute -thank you Vivian -he is hanging on my tree.
Down the stairs I ran for Day 9, and what can be in this beautiful tin?
Rashell, what a lovely tag, but oooooooh!
The photo says it all -I love it, and it fits perfectly, and the little `gate' catch is so, so pretty -thank you so much Rashell
Lucky, lucky Nana -The princess stayed with me last night - it was so cute, we sat in our jamas before bed with a nice cup of hot Milo each, then a story and prayers and she went straight to sleep -good girl Stella .
She knows `the drill' as she told me to get the camera for present 10 , she has been assisting opening Rachael's gifts each morning -see Roseroom blog
This is a beautiful, paper craft Christmas ornament , and the packaging was lovely, brown paper , with newsprint and vintage lace, the photos don't show it very well, and the little Christmas tree decoration is delightful, with a little cherub in the centre, thank you dear Stefeani -I am not sure where you are from -will need to consult with Rachael.
Sooooooo...... tomorrow is Christmas Eve, still lots to do, but I have already made a `New Years' resolution and that is to DIET!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Oh my goodness this is `A Blast' -our Northern Hemisphere gals certainly know how to produce wonderful and extraordinary gifts
Day 6, and I was up with `The Larks' so to speak -not quite, but just look what Martha from Canada made.

The packaging was remarkable -brown paper and tissue paper sandwiched together and `stitched' yes that's correct -`stitched' - with a gorgeous silver star with 6 stamped on it
Carefully , I tore open just a little bit to reveal - just adorable - a little broach that has been also sandwiched together with delightful patchwork fabric with a little wading between and randomly over -stitched, a vintage piece of lace surrounds the picture and the words `She Loved to Sew' Thank you Martha - this is awesome and I shall wear it on Christmas Day.
Day 7 -ooooooooooh ! I slept in, cats starving, and I am in panic mode to get to the Christmas tree.
Oh, the card from Pat is beautifully inscribed with lovely words
What does one say to this? a work of art - I have never seen anything like it -clever, clever Pat'
There are six little pages depicting the sea and beach, and it folds out, the entire theme is of The Sea, complete with fishing net (can you see it?)
shells, photos, gorgeous stones and even a mermaid - incredible and a huge thank -you.
I don't want this swap to ever end, it is such fun and I would recommend this to anyone.
Day 8 tomorrow - mmmm - I wonder what is in the parcel!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

GASP -GASP!!!!!!

I have to say that every day is worth getting up for -I lie in bed for a while contemplating the day, and then suddenly I realise that Santa has been, a quick fumble for the specs, and down the stairs at a rapid pace, followed by my two cats, who are hoping the speed is actually for their breakfast -but alas -they have to wait while Mummy opens her gift.
Oh -dear Holly, how did you mange it all , this is absolutely stunning, the most gorgeous magnet capturing the very essence of our swap -the little picture in a mini tin of a hand and the words `creative art' sealed in resin is beautiful, the bag that Holly chose is all colour co-ordinated -I love it
As some of you will have read on Rachael's (Rose Room) blog, this is her gift and one that she wasn't happy with, but the most important fact it was made when she was at her absolute worst -her Arapax withdrawal -everything was an effort, and believe me this was `A Labour Of Love' as she struggled to be inspired -but isn't it great? - she is too hard on herself .
I have it hanging on my dresser and is `pride of place'
Now, you will be wondering what this GORGEOUS piece of fabric is doing here, well, if you recall I refurbish and paint pieces of old wrought iron for Rachael, and I had a little stool all ready for the fabric and this is what I chose:):)
mmmm -` I hate it' said the daughter, it isn't `Shabby Chic' , but oh well, it is your project, soooooo, what to do, well the only thing to do was to go and purchase some more.
As I wandered up and down fabric department, terrified that whatever I chose may not be Shabby Chic, in desperation I grabbed ( irrespective of the cost) what I hopefully felt was `the suitable fabric, armed myself with the heavy duty stapler and ---- is this Shabby Chic or not?
I didn't tell Rachael that I had had a change of HEART, and just left this on her doorstep -the reaction!!!! "Oh Mum' she says "it is beautiful" she enthused, as I breathed a sigh of relief.
All is not lost..........................
Watch this space
Won't this hideous old, but comfortable Computer chair look fabulous?

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Day three arrived, and even tho' this is the gift I made for `our swap' I couldn't help but be a wee, bit excited.
I have realised that we `Down Under' need to `show and tell' a day later , because we are a day ahead and don't want to spoil the surpriseAnyway , the little bag that I made, is felted from pure N.Z Merino wool, I lined each bag with pretty red Xmas fabric and sandwiched the bag and lining with blanket stitch.
The front has a very nice motif which was appliqued and the little bag was embellished with trim and min-buttons.
A Xmas tag was included.
This is a hideous photo of me, but here I am, many months ago felting my fabric to make 12 bags for `Our Artful Christmas Swap'
This weekend has been so very special as I have had the Princess -my grand daughter Stella ( Rachael from The Rose Room's daughter) on Sat; and Sun; afternoons
I am helping Stella make some very special, little gifts for very special people - wink- wink
I, of course I cannot show you what she has made.
This is what ` The Spirit of Christmas ' it is all about, and I felt so proud of this little dot as she carefully made the little gifts, and wrapped them all by herself with minimal help from Nana!
Above is Stella also making a frame from leaves and flowers from my garden, this was to take home to Mummy and Daddy, and all this is from a 4 year old -clever girl!!
She was also a helpful girl, she was not at all happy with the position of A Very Old Nativity Scene' which has seen better days, but this was my Mother's and I simply have to put it out.
At one point Baby Jesus was in the Christmas Tree with Mary trying to find him!
She made the `family' their own special house
She also re-arranged my Christmas gift swaps, not happy at all with the way Nana had arranged them!
I have the advantage of having Day 4 displayed -you will all love it as clever Rachael made it.
I am off to do some Christmas shopping in temperatures of 25 c

Friday, December 14, 2007


Oh I am just so excited , yesterday the parcels for `Our Artful Christmas Swap" arrived from Holly in America, and because they were both addressed to Rachael at The Rose Room, we were able to open Day 1 together.
This has been a huge project for Holly to undertake, just the sheer magnitude of sorting, co-ordinating, and posting to different countries has been an enormous feat, so a huge thank you and special hugs for HollyOh, just look, extremely urgent on the big box and inside a special message from Holly and now to the contents.............oooooooh! what can be inside?
Day 1 is from dear Chris, all carefully packaged in a CD Mailer Box, with pretty pieces of coloured strips, but the contents, oh my goodness!!! - Rachael and I just stared at each other in wonderment , beautiful mini sheets of Festive paper, a wish list, a gorgeous pin which I shall wear on Christmas day, a divine concertina card with special messages that was clipped together, and just look at the next photo of a Christmas decoration that Chris has obviously made
I already have this hanging on my tree -how special and personal, the photo is of the front and back
Now here are the pressies en masse - all ready for me to open each day, this is so gorgeous and I am so glad that I participated in this swap.
For a change of pace, and because I am now into the Christmas spirit, I went outside my Apartment and photographed, what we in New Zealand call our native Christmas tree, the Maori name is Pohutakawa, isn't it amazing ? this time of the year the country side is amass with these beautiful blooms .
This is what I look at from my doorway.
I awoke this morning, so excited and the first thing I did, bleary eyed was to open Gift 2 from Dear Melanie in Germany -yes all the way from Germany via America. Melanie chose the most gorgeous purple hues for her wrapping paper and ribbon, look at the fabulous peg, that too will have a special place on my tree.
But - what is inside the wrapping??
This is amazing, the most beautiful hand crafted little note book, that has been bound by using some type of bamboo sticks and then woven through the pages, and just look at the cover.
I am so lucky and I just love my gifts, I cannot wait until tomorrow, no, that is not true because Day 3 is my contribution, but lovely to have one of mine back, how good is that?? sent from N.Z. to Holly in America and then all the way back to N.Z.
Another up-date in two days time.,
It is rather humbling to receive such beautiful gifts from afar, all so beautifully chosen and hand crafted
Thank you Dear Holly.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I am back, and am now in panic mode as there seems much to do for The Festive Season, frantically trying to get Christmas cards written and posted.
It is taking longer this year as it seems mandatory to include a little note, because of my house and location move.
I returned from the saddest funeral of a 20month old little boy in Nelson - I worked with his father -gosh it makes all other problems and hassles pale into insignificance.
I have also had my very best friend staying with me for a five day whirlwind of shopping, wining and dining.
Lin is from Christchurch and flew up to `check out' my new Apartment etc
We had a delicious curry one night, Lin, Daughter Rachael from RoseRoom and myself
Yesterday I put up my small artificial Xmas Tree -yuk!, but I simply don't have room for anything larger, much prefer the lovely smell of Pine Trees, but not to be this year.
I had two little helpers, and after much ear washing and grooming of each other, they settled down for a sleep underneath the tree -no, the Xmas tree light plug didn't seem to bother them.
Today has been a concentrated effort of present wrapping for my son and family in Cairns, Australia, we have missed the cheap postage rates, and I have just checked the list and it appears that it will be Economy Courier , mmmmmmm we shall see!!
I am an `over the top wrapper', my efforts are brilliant red with many embellishments , ribbon, tags, bows etc , all secured with the hot glue gun.
But look at this tasteful collection, these are Rachael's contributions-far more low key than mine, I have both lots of parcels packed in a `Sparkling Wine Box' appropriate I feel.

After the marathon effort, I also decided to organise my dear friend and her daughter's gift in Nelson, this is a calico pyramid with ribbon embroidery, and filled with sand, to be used as a paper weight or just something decorative, this is for my friend
I also whipped up this notelet pad, a cheap way of making a very cheap notelet pad into something special.
Hopefully tomorrow I will finish the cards, and then think about making truffles and goodies to eat.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


I did it, yes I really did it.

I entertained for the first time in my new Apartment.

I kept it simple, and invited family so as to practice , as I knew they would be forgiving if it didn't go to plan.

But look at the flowers, Babes -my son-in-law's grandmother and his Aunt arrived with this beautiful bunch, and the red gerberas had pretty sparkles on the petals.

The peonie roses were a gift from my dear daughter-in-law, they should be at their very best in a couple of daysso........ what did we eat?

I have produced this before in Nelson, and is always great party trick, the chickens cooked on Beer cans -yummy, the chops and sausages were for the children, but I did spy some of the adults having some
Rachael carving a chicken, and my daughter-in-law concentrating on serving her salad!!!

My grandchildren, the Princess doing something with Nana's drapes -cute.

My three grandsons, Handsome Taila 14, and the twins Rueben and Riley 7

Spot the new outdoor furniture -it was a glorious summer's evening, so we were able to have pre-dinner drinks outside, (a rather cunning cocktail to begin with.

Plus the bonus of dining outside also.

I am pretty happy that I achieved this, and will now have the confidence to go on and entertain more.

I do like having `at home's' - it is always so satisfying to see your guests relaxed and enjoying themselves -that is what it is all about, sharing and having fun

I am going to Nelson tomorrow night for 24hours, sadly it is for a funeral.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I simply have to get Broadband, Dial Up is taking forever to load, , and to view other Blogs is so slow and frustrating!
But, I have been very busy, still crafting etc for The Rose Room's Christmas Day this Saturday.
The three boxes are all made from Vintage linens, that I cunningly sourced from Rachael's stash!
Raised eyebrows is the only reaction I got when I showed Rachael what I had made with her precious fabrics and laces -- but all for for a good cause was my justification
A covered heart box with recycled laces, vintage linen and silver Christmas trim.
I know -this one is `over the top!'

This one is pretty, the cluster of flowers on the lid is made from crochet pieces that I cut and armed with my hot glue gun, I ruffled and gathered them .
Indirectly this really has nothing to do with craft, but I had spent the afternoon in my garage painting, and when I went out to photograph the pieces later - I felt two pair of eyes following me, my inseparable Tabby cats. The flash has caught their eyes!
This is what I was painting for Rachael's shop -work in progress!
I have also made for The Rose Room's Christmas day these little Cointreau and Cardamon mini cakes -it took longer to fashion the embellishments etc than to make the actual cakes
Very easy to make, and they are baked in small, clean spaghetti tins which I use every year
Finally.... this is fabulous, I also up-lifted this from R's garage, tossed in a corner, covered in dust , some of the cane had unwound, so with hammer, tacks and a can of Royal Blue paint -YEHHHHHHH - more raised eyebrows!!, but doesn't it look wonderful?